I'm working on a video game, currently just calling it “community” but i'm hopefully gonna find a better name.

It's a very ambitious project for me, and I don't necessarily think I'll finish it. I'm currently working alone, I have various disabilities that get in the way, and I'm not exactly new to programming but I'm not very skilled in it. However, I have a lot of free time and don't mind if it takes years to get to the “finished” product.

On a brighter note, I'm actually pretty far on the prototype?? And I haven't been actually working on it for very long, so if you're interested there should be a lil sort of alpha demo out soon! It'll be very barebones but should give people an idea of what I'm going for here :)

I have three to-do lists: one for the prototype version I was just talking about, one for the 1.0 first official release, and one for features I plan to add after that. It all seems manageable to me so far, it'll just take a looot of time and energy haha.

Anyway, what's this game actually about, amirite?

Broadly speaking, it's a capitalism survival sim meets town RPG. You play as one of three women trapped in the as-yet unnamed town, and have to take care of your mood and health, pay bills, do chores. Life is pretty boring…

As I said I'm still just beginning here, but I'll be adding some pages here on characters, story, gameplay etc. in the future